Ozone | Head Coach

Trevor Anderson

Years Coaching
Sarasota, FL
University of Central Florida

Head Coach Bio

Trevor Anderson

Professional Career

Trevor Anderson, a pioneering SlamBall star, has seamlessly transitioned from his illustrious playing career to becoming a mentor for a new generation of players, including his son, Bryan Bell-Anderson, a gunner for the Ozone. Notably, in Series 4 held in China in 2012, Anderson showcased his exceptional skills, averaging an impressive 32 points per game, earning league MVP honors, and leading the Mob to a championship. Prior to his SlamBall stardom, Anderson made his mark on the gridiron. Beginning as a talented wide receiver at UCF, he subsequently honed his skills while representing various AFL and XFL teams, further solidifying his reputation as an accomplished athlete. Today, Anderson is a fitness and performance expert, worldwide performance educator, public speaker, and motivational keynote speaker.