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The game is lightning fast, non-stop, action-packed and perfectly suited for how modern fans want to experience sports. It’s a compelling live experience and ideally suited for live broadcasts, highlights
and social media.

20 Minute Games

Four quarters each running five minutes for a fast style of play. Every moment matters!

Olympic Grade Tramps

Patented sports surface that propels players up to 20 feet in the air.

Unique Scoring

Three points awarded on both slam dunks. Two points awarded for layups and jump shots.

It's fast and fun, with a familiar feel & deep strategic levels to drive layered interest.

The Court

The Most Sophisticated Sports Floor Ever Created

8 Compitition-grade Aussie Spring beds

Tramps replace the court space traditionally inside the arch.

Cleared for Takeoff

Game action is propelled up to 20 feet in the air. Players can use spring beds in creative combinations to find their path to the basket.

Independently-articulated Panels

Spring floor panels absorb energy as players hit the floor or transfer from the springs.

Clear Plexiglass Walls

Barriers help contain the action on the court like in ice hockey.

Custom Hoop and Backboard Assembly

Goals are reinforced, secured to substructure, and heavily padded.

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