Mason Gordon

Mason Gordon is the creator and co-founder of SlamBall. Gordon envisioned a hybrid sport that combined the best elements from basketball, football, hockey, combined with an outrageous element of olympic caliber trampolines that take the action up to twenty feet off the game floor. In SlamBall, all these elements flow seamlessly together into something new and appealing for younger audiences.

Gordon constructed the first court in a warehouse out of discarded gymnastics parts. The resulting game is phenomenally-impactful, short-format, high-flying, and wildly competitive – generating sensational moments with a “did you see that?” viral appeal. Previously, Mason served as the President of Mandalay Sports Media, a best-in-class sports media company specializing in premium documentary storytelling. MSM is best known for award-winning landmark film, television, and streaming projects including The Last Dance (ESPN, Netflix), The Captain (ESPN), Redeem Team (Netflix), Stand (Showtime), Shaun White: The Last Run (HBO Max), and many more.

In that leadership capacity, Gordon produced, directed, and developed a consistently strong slate of high-quality projects, often incorporating a sports component to access deeper personal narratives.

Mike Tollin

Mike Tollin is the Co-founder of SlamBall and Chairman of MSM, a media company specializing in premium sports and entertainment content. Tollin has an Academy Award nomination and has won three Emmys and three Peabodys for his work in film and television. Tollin has been the lead producer of The Last Dance, The Redeem Team, The Captain, Coach Carter, Varsity Blues, Smallville, One Tree Hill, Arli$$ and countless other productions. Additionally, Tollin is the Founder of PACE, a philanthropic organization working with underserved youth, and is a Founding Board member of the Hank Aaron: Chasing The Dream Foundation.

Ethan Ehrenberg

Ethan is a partner at Eberg Capital working closely with all of their sports-related investment properties. Prior to Eberg, Ethan attended the University of Michigan where he earned his BBA from the Ross School of Business. A lifelong sports fanatic, sports-betting “guru” & a competitive athlete himself, Ethan has long awaited the return of SlamBall & is ecstatic to be a part of the team that is bringing it back.