Noah Ballou - Past Legend Bio

Noah Ballou Bio

Anything you can do on the court, I can do better. That is the way Noah Ballou played during his SlamBall career. Able to take over games with his flashy scoring, aerial acrobatics, and game-breaking playmaking, Ballou is one of the best “do it all” SlamBall players to ever grace the floor, while becoming the all-time league leader in assists. Ballou was able to set up teammates with highlight reel alley-oops from anywhere on the floor, creating an unfair mismatch for the Mob every time they stepped on the court. An inspiring team captain who backed up his talk with decisive action, Noah led the Mob to two consecutive championship titles in Series 4 and 5, while adding a third as an assistant coach for the Mob family in Series 6. He’s currently a one-man dynasty.