Jelani Janisse - Past Legend Bio

Jelani Janisse Bio

If winning is what matters, this is your guy. Nicknamed “The Sheriff,” Jelani Janisse is one of the fiercest competitors SlamBall has ever seen. The series 1 champion and series 2 league MVP displayed a combination of show-stopping skill, ludicrous acceleration, and relentless physicality – dominating the SlamBall courts seemingly with ease. Whether it was crashing over his opponents with devastating dunks, launching sniper shots from outside the tramps, or orchestrating the Rumble’s complex offense to find open teammates, Janisse always left his mark on games, and won them at an astonishing 72% clip – a bar higher than that found in almost any professional sport. Jelani’s name is rightly consistently at the top GOAT debate throughout the SlamBall universe.