Rumble | Head Coach

Ken Carter

Years Coaching
Richmond, CA
George Mason University

Head Coach Bio

Ken Carter

Professional Career

Ken Carter, a veteran SlamBall head coach, achieved remarkable success during his initial tenure with the Rumble. He led the team to a championship in SlamBall’s inaugural 2002 season, and continued to oversee the team in 2003 and 2008. The Rumble had the league’s best regular season record in all three of those seasons, going 25-6 overall. However, Carter’s influence extends far beyond his SlamBall coaching achievements. His remarkable high school coaching career inspired the acclaimed movie Coach Carter, featuring Samuel L. Jackson in the title role. Known for his unwavering principles and discipline, Carter gained recognition for coaching the Richmond High School basketball team in California. In 1999, he made headlines by locking out his undefeated team due to poor academic performance. Faced with opposition and controversy, Carter prioritized education, implementing strict rules and academic improvement contracts. His unwavering dedication resulted in a remarkable academic and athletic transformation for his team. In addition to his coaching accomplishments, Carter is a multifaceted entrepreneur. He is the owner and operator of Prime Time Publishing and Prime Time Sports, showcasing his business acumen. Moreover, Carter is an esteemed author and the founder and chairman of the Coach Ken Carter Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the development, promotion, and provision of education, training, and mentoring programs for minority youths. Carter’s influence and dedication have garnered widespread recognition. In 2002, he was selected to carry the Olympic torch for the San Francisco Bay Area/Richmond California.